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Vale & Stone connects times and worlds old and new. A vale is a gathering place, where nutrients accumulate and waterways meet. Stone is slow becoming, ongoing link and lithic kin. Reverence for plants, animals and landscapes fuels regenerative possibility in the ruins of this era. Care and nurture underpin all hope of ever looking north to see Vega in Lyra's wings. Learn (furrow, track) local soils, local birds, local rivers. Foster greens, tubers and fruit for a whole field of memories. Earth seeds earth, earth rests upon earth, earth sits at a piano and makes songs of earth, and with every new Moonah, earth dreams of regeneration.

I acknowledge that this music was recorded on and across lands belonging to the Kulin and Palawa nations, and pay respects to their elders past, present and emerging.

1 Vale & Stone (2:53) 
2. An Sí Gaoithe (3:20) 
3. Lyra's Horizon (6:49) 
4. Nyth (3:09) 
5. Fontes Sequanae (4:24) 
6. Moonah (3:50)
7. Erthe Upon Erthe (7:20)

Released with Inner Islands under the alias Soda Lite. 'Soda' is found naturally in alkaline lakes, in deposits where such lakes have dried, and from ash produced by burning various seaside plants. 'Lite' is a word-forming element meaning "stone," from French -lite, variant of -lithe, from Greek lithos "stone.”

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