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2-channel display
HD video screen + spectrographic channel.
16 x 9 format
Running time: 3:04

There is growing evidence from behavioural and neurobiological studies to suggest that acoustic communication in birds is extremely complex, yet attention must also be given to the many other sensory capacities of Aves. This video piece focuses on the Rainbow Lorikeet, Trichoglossus moluccanus* Making extensive use of physical movement, the Rainbow Lorikeet gestures in diverse ways using wing flickers, head gestures and whole-body manoeuvres. Glõssary was filmed on a small peninsula carved out by the Birrarung (Yarra River) in Naarm (Melbourne) and documents the gestural world of Trichoglossus using a 2-channel visual system, pairing filmed physical movements with the spectrographs of calls given by neighbouring birds as witnesses to these displays.

* The genus name Trichoglossus is derived from the Ancient Greek terms tricho- "hair", and glõssa "tongue"

First exhibited at the Terra Firma temporary gallery in Highgate, Perth. 2016.
Stills from the video provided below.

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