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Rêveries in terra lerpa


'Rêveries in terra lerpa' is a collection of compositions recorded in Birraranga/Naarm (Melbourne) in a warm house of plants near a river and some remnant bushland. The album is an arrangement of meandering daydreams, transforming ecologies and fertile habitats of polyamorous exchange. Keyboards and harps form romantic phrases and crescendos over whirling pools of nectar-rich ambience, emerging beside an ever-present avian soundscape; dawn chorus awakenings form compositional launching points, while flocks of lorikeets merge in a percussive din with whipbirds and warbling streams of clarinet. Written in speculative shapes at the tip of a geothermic timeline, 'Rêveries...' is both material fantasy and prélude to a landscape unfolding.

° terra (n.) earth.
° lerpa (n.) derived from word 'lerp,' which refers to an edible structure of crystallized honeydew produced by the larvae of psyllid bugs.

1. Harps in Spring (04:32) 
2. Valley of the Acacia (03:32) 
3. Terra Polymorpha (03:40) 
4. Ode to a Wompoo Fruit-Dove (02:51) 
5. River of Mists (04:15) 
6. Symphony in Pollination (03:40) 
7. Superb Fairy-wren (-VII) (02:08)
8. Lakeside at Dawn (04:04 )
9. Land for Remediation (02:05) 
10. Cloud Forest (03:26)

Released under the alias Soda Lite. 'Soda' is found naturally in alkaline lakes, in deposits where such lakes have dried, and from ash produced by burning various seaside plants. 'Lite' is a word-forming element meaning "stone," from French -lite, variant of -lithe, from Greek lithos "stone.”

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