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Aqua Solar Cura


Aqua Solar Cura is a meditation on relationships to land, triangulating its titular elements – water, sun, care – within a woozy, warbling palette of keys, haze, and field recordings. Trills of birds and the gurgling of creeks murmur from windswept peripheries; dawn light shimmers in dewdrops and emerald ponds. Each piece is excerpted from a vaster ongoing ecosystem, teeming with lifeways and hidden cellular harmony.

Much of the source material, from commingling waterfowl to screeching Tasmanian Devils, was tracked at Trowunna, a progressive wildlife sanctuary located in northern lutruwita that rehabilitates species to be returned to the wilderness – a prime expression of ‘cura.’ 


When Italian peasants discuss the way they relate to their fields, their cows and their crops they probably will use the word cura... This expression has strong associations with craft and craftsmanship, but it also refers to “care,” just as the verb (curare) refers to giving care. It is, essentially, about reciprocity...
                       - Jan Douwe van der Ploeg, 'Peasants and the Art of Farming: A Chayanovian Manifesto'


Together these compositions seek a protean harmony, panoramic and indivisible, suffused with the synergy of seasons and seedlings adrift on fragrant air, and submerged in the alien agency of mineral lifeworlds.

01. Mineral Toccata (3:33)
02. Reed Warbler (3:57)
03. Citriodora (4:56)
04. Sleep Pool (4:08)
05. Hazel Starling (5:01)
06. Lifeways (4:53)
07. Outside the Wildlife Sanctuary (4:34)
08. Acequia (3:15)
09. Dusk Lorikeets (4:51)

10. Earthly Syrup (4:16)

Released with Not Not Fun under the alias Soda Lite. 'Soda' is found naturally in alkaline lakes, in deposits where such lakes have dried, and from ash produced by burning various seaside plants. 'Lite' is a word-forming element meaning "stone," from French -lite, variant of -lithe, from Greek lithos "stone.”

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