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Amari eventually receives a return phone-call which tells them how they can grow affordable and abundant crops for their community. For an initial monetary investment, they will receive various cybernetic upgrades and access to high-quality organic inputs from a central depot. The visual system will be upgraded with interfaces that allow the user to assess plant health, soil moisture, etc. The body will receive cybernetic physical upgrades to increase strength, resilience, speed, stamina, to make labour more efficient. 

Amari accepts the debt because the promised returns will compensate. They grow millions of dollars worth of beans in their first year, although most of that goes towards repayment of technology. 

The next year, new upgrades are on offer. Amari feels unwilling to accept these additional upgrades as they are already highly efficient, however, other farmers are taking these upgrades which will increase their efficiency and thus lower market prices. Amari decides they must keep up with competition and accepts these new upgrades. The new upgrade consists of an organic chemical spray that contains Crisp-r codes which interact with plant enzymes to quadruple enzymatic reactions within the plant cells. This increases the speed of plant activity and growth, to the point whereby plants which have been immersed in this chemical appear as if in time-lapse, moving and writhing and growing before the eyes. 

Amari's debt increases. 


but abg goes into massive debt to afford each upgrade (their vision becomes the vision of the inside tractor cab etc) which is captured wealth / and there are troubled  hints about origins of enhanced robot parts ie coltan etc


They outcompete robot farms because everyone still wants that “human connection to their food” like the authentic farmer but cyber diversity is also cool now (co opting identity pol) it’s csa model except all the wealth is captured lol 


They are producing affordable beans 

For friends and family but they don’t see them anymore because they r too intense, one time they almost killed a friend because they had a stray aphid and abgs auto-sensor lasered a hole in their arm 

Plus they are very busy



It gets weirder


New upgrade to

The cyber suit gives this extra sensory sorta weather and environmental cues perception - like taps into something animist 


Starts recognising the forest adjacent more. The soil underneath. Starts wuggging out and neglecting farm. Vanishes into forest. 


Finds way to depot somehow , following drone trail maybe


Depot is unassuming - inside it has tunnels which burrow into earth - absolutely massive / many humans slave away here extracting rare earth minerals for cyber suit 

In these underground hangars they are Assembling the various components 

The spray is made of their harvested enzymes like kinds of stem cells which are ripe when they are 30 yrs old - or it comes from an animal. 


Abg wigs out more and calls forest to life to tear the place up and free everyone


Abg realises the ceo is just a piece of AI that was designed fifty years ago by someone with the instruction to make profit and it followed logic 


Abg finds the software designer who is dead - the son is a trillionaire 15 year old that doesn’t even know about any of it he just has a bank account with inputs from what his dad set up al- meaning there are depots everywhere extracting wealth. 


Abg vows to destroy these but first they returns to farm which has gone into disrepair - they can’t pay their debts which are huge and automated drones arrive and confiscate his nature upgrade and catalyst spray etc but his body is mostly machine which means he is property of food empire and thus he is transported to a depot to work in a rare earth mine where they discover the others are in similar debts but for diff industries eg to become more competitive in their industry they had to go into debt and get cyber enhanced


Maybe the ending is user submitted and they all get archived as people submit them 


Fan fic 

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