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Previous work


These two photos document part of my participatory exhibition,

'A Fleshy-Rooted Perennial' (2021)

at Contemporary Art Tasmania.


This photo documents an interactive component of

my participatory artwork (Beast of Burden of Proof)

in which the Host (Eliki Reade) details the geographic spread of

Myna populations across a 100 year time-span.

presented at Melbourne Knowledge Week in 2021.


Gothic Pastoral IV (2020)

part of my essay/photographic exhibition Backyard Trinity (2020)

part of Next Wave Festivals' Online Group Exhibition, Assemble! 

03 Carried Over.png

still image from video piece, 'Carried Over' 

watch here:


This is a still from a previously exhibited video piece entitled ‘Carried Over’ This work involved devising novel hand gestures to be paired with the intricate vocalisations of the Common Myna.  By transmuting individual sound elements into physical gestures, I hoped to reveal some of the structure and specificity inherent to each vocalisation. There would be no insight into exactly what was being communicated, instead, it would unravel some of the structural and rhythmic features of the communication itself. 


Full view + close detail of my painting, 'Common Phrases'

part of Local Avians solo exhibition at Testing Grounds (2018)

This painting mimics the spectrographic data of local Common Myna bird vocalisations (for spectrogram, see below) This work captures my previous efforts at sourcing sustainable materials for the creation of physical artworks: the canvass is made of scrap wood foraged from a waste-bin, and the 'paint' is resin collected from Red Ironbark, a native eucalypt. The resin was shaped from a hard crystal to a viscous liquid through successive heating and re-heating with fuel foraged from neighborhood green waste.

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