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The Zebra Finch is a species native to the desert heartlands of the Australian continent. Due to its short breeding cycle and overall physical resilience, it is easily kept and bred in captivity. Currently, it is the most highly studied bird species on the planet. In particular, it has become a popular specimen in contemporary neuroscientific research, with universities worldwide housing and studying the Zebra Finch in order to comprehend unsolved neurological questions.


A.I. generated Zebra Finch with incorrect markings

Developments in this field have led to a point where scientists studying the neurology of the Zebra Finch are being recruited by Silicon Valley in order to advance research in fields such as machine learning and brain-machine interfacing, leading to recent breakthroughs in  text-to-image generation and large-language models like ChatGPT. 

Various tests have been performed to examine the neurological basis of learning. To begin with, this portal will examine your own human-evolved perceptual abilities and assesses these against the capabilities of the Zebra Finch. 

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